From the City Into the Lake, album by NAPAEA

From the City Into the Lake

Released on October 19th, 2018

With their debut album “From the City Into the Lake”, NAPAEA have created an ode to life and the relentless search for the intangible. Honest and epic, the sound of the Austrian Folkband calls to mind cozy pictures, carried by down-to-earthness and joy. The combination of nautical tunes and an extraordinary selection of instruments results in elevating Folk-Pop and portrays with “From the City Into the Lake” a satisfying answer to the restlessness of wandering.

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Music & Lyrics: Katharina Milchrahm
Voice, Guitar: Katharina Milchrahm
Concertina, Blues Harps, Melodica: Manfred Milchrahm
Violin: Katja Haspl
Bass: Kevin Lehr
Drums: Thomas Loyer
Banjo: Matthias Nöhrer
Brass: Michael Gruber, Josef Faustmann

Produced & recorded by Kevin Lehr and Audiophil
Mastered by Martin Scheer
Artwork by Dismay Design

Supported by SKE

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