As you might already know, we are producing our very first full-length album. As this is a several thousand € project, we're thankful for every help. Every € counts!

So if you enjoy NAPAEA and want to support what we're doing, these are the options:

  • Use Paypal to support us with an amount of your choice:
  • OR send us an E-Mail and we'll arrange some kind of "preorder"

We will use the money for recording, mixing, producing CDs and awesome album art. Thank you!

happy to announce some solo shows in Austria with the one and only John Allen:

  • 25.09. WIEN, Polkadot Vienna
  • 26.09. GRAZ, Guest Room
  • 27.09. SALZBURG, tba
  • 28.09. INNSBRUCK, Wohnzimmerkonzert
  • 29.09. FRASTANZ, Frastanzer

Austria Tour Dates with John Allen

If you listen to music on Spotify, there’s a small thing you can do that’d be a big help to us: FOLLOW NAPAEA there!

Once we get to 250 followers, Spotify will “verify” our account, which opens up some cool possibilities for our music on that streaming service, and we’ll also be able to keep you updated whenever we release new songs on Spotify.

Also don't forget to stream our songs on Spotify to help us: we get ~0.3 cent for every finished song.